Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Preschool

I had my first day at preschool yesterday! It was very good. I had fun. We learned about playing nice, the letter "A", we read some books, we played parachute, and ate a snack (I have a Tinkerbell lunch bag!) My teachers' names are Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Katie. They are so nice! My friend Malia goes to school with me and we got to sit next to eachother!

I had dance today. It was fun. Tomorrow I get to go to school again!

Love, kaci


Kristy said...

Shanna, just wanted to wish you good luck tomorrow on your story. That is so exciting...you must be very good for them to pick you. Let us know how it goes! love, the Ashby girls

KADYKAKES! said...

Hey Shanna I miss you alot . I hope every thing is going well in your new house. Can't wait to see you again.Really Really Miss you!