Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kaci's Cooking Tonight!

Hi! This is Kaci. This weekend was so much fun. We went camping on Thursday. My favorite part was sleeping in the tent and doing my hair and brushing my teeth outside. It was crazy. We cooked dinner outside too. I got dressed in the tent too.

Tonight, I am making dinner. We are grilling halibut. Yummy! We are also making wild rice and bread, and a salad with apples and cheese. We are going to have cookies for dessert. My mom says we need to cook now so I better go!

Love, kaci

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Weekend

Hi! I have had a fun few days. On Thursday, we went camping with our friends. I brought my pocket knife and I carved a stick to make a little knife. I got to hike up a mountain. I saw all of the camps that were set up down below. It was fun sleeping in the tent. I heard lots of birds. It got really cold at night. I'm glad that it wasn't winter when we went there! My friends had a hammock that they set up between two trees. I loved laying in it. It felt really good to be by the fire at night. When we woke up in the morning, we heard a strange sound. There were about 12 cows walking next to our camp site making a ton of noise! I also saw a squirrel, squirrel tracks and squirrel holes.

This weekend, we were outside lots. Yesterday we rode bikes in the morning and today we went on a long walk. It was hot but fun!

Tomorrow I get to start swimming lessons. That will be fun!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


hey nice to see ya again! Guss what?! me and my family are going camping tomorrow!!! :) I will be so much fun! Well that's all for today see ya later!

Kaci's Pictures

I love singing to my baby sister!

Shanna, Mommy and I played Mouse Trap yesterday. It was so much fun. Sara sat with us and watched!

happy kaci

hi this is kaci

i just got my nails painted

i am typing all by myself

i like writing on my blog

we played games yesterday

we are going camping tomorrow

i am happy

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hi how's it going? I am Shanna. And I just turned 8 years old on may 5! Oh and I really like
dance! I started when I was 3 years old at Westside Studios! but now I go to The Dance Shoppe because it is closer to our house! They both have really good teachers! Dancing is really fun and I think more people should dance because it's good exercise and it's active! I also really like biking! Oh and this is the coolest part! My mom had a baby on June 4! Her name is Sara! well thats all for today see ya tomorrow.


Today is so beautiful of a day. It is Shanna's night to make dinner. On Friday it is my night to make dinner. Maybe everyone could come eat with us. I am going to grill fish and make bread sticks and pink pasta. For dessert, I am still thinking. Maybe ice cream sandwiches.

That's all, talk to you later. Love Kaci

Monday, July 21, 2008


Hi! This is Kaci. I am 3 years old and this day is so exciting! This is my first time to have a blog.

Today, I took a nap all by myself. Usually my mom has to lay with me until I fall asleep, but today she had to leave to help Sara, and when she came back to the room, I was sleeping! She was so happy! I got a ticket when I woke up!

I also had dance today. Miss Lexi is my teacher. I get to do both tap and ballet. Today I liked ballet the best. I did so cool on my "trophy dance." My hair got messed up but then we fixed it. I really like dance.

That's all for today. Maybe tomorrow I will type you guys back in my blog.

Love Kaci