Monday, July 21, 2008


Hi! This is Kaci. I am 3 years old and this day is so exciting! This is my first time to have a blog.

Today, I took a nap all by myself. Usually my mom has to lay with me until I fall asleep, but today she had to leave to help Sara, and when she came back to the room, I was sleeping! She was so happy! I got a ticket when I woke up!

I also had dance today. Miss Lexi is my teacher. I get to do both tap and ballet. Today I liked ballet the best. I did so cool on my "trophy dance." My hair got messed up but then we fixed it. I really like dance.

That's all for today. Maybe tomorrow I will type you guys back in my blog.

Love Kaci


dandjyoung said...

It's is so great that you took a nap all by yourself. I think that is awesome! I hope you have lots of fun dancing. My girls like to dance too. Have a great day!

KADYKAKES! said...

Hey Guys how are I would love to be blog buddies with Shanna.